Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 7 lifespan and development MMcGuire

After reading the chapter, I learned there are four different types of death which was very interesting to me because I really only thought there was one type. There is clinical, brain, biological, and social. (Fiore 281) 

I have experienced a lot of death in my life. All of my grandparents, my mother's three brothers, a great-aunt, my godmother and a dear dear family friend who practically raised me. Grieving is an intricate part of death and I have seen many people grieve in their own way. I myself am not a crier. I didn't cry at any funeral even though I was very close to some of the people but my mother on the other hand cried like there was no tomorrow. Some people need to talk about it, like my father where as I don't do that either. I have a more internal grieving and while that might not be healthy, it works. One thing we all had in common in our grieving process is our spirituality. Which is probably why they put the two together in the chapter.

I think spirituality plays a huge role in death. Without a basis for what you think happens after you die, I feel a person  would be extremely scared of Death. If you are confident in your spirituality, then you can be comfortable with death knowing that something is happening to your body. That can definitely mean different things for different people though of course! My husband is a Jehovas witness and believes that after you die you just decompose until the rapture and then you roam the earth unless you're part of the 144.000 who are sent to eternal paradise. To him there is no heaven or hell or any sort of afterlife. I, on the other hand, am a Catholic and they believe that once you die, because Jesus saved us, as long as you have lived your life to the best of your ability, you go to heaven. Those who have sinned go to hell. Whether or not I believe in the damned (pardon my language) going to hell and the righteous goog to heaven, I believe that there is a place after death and when you die, I like to think everyone gets to go to a great place and be reunited with their loved ones. Without spirituality I would be scared, but with it I believe I am comfortable. It's not like I'm looking forward to death but I am not afraid.

"Death is the single best invention of life" -Steve Jobs

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  1. This quote really stood out to me, "I think spirituality plays a huge role in death. Without a basis for what you think happens after you die, I feel a person would be extremely scared of Death." Thank you for sharing the different beliefs you and your husband have regarding death. It illustrates the complexities of how we all see death differently.